Year & Day Dinnerware Review

Year and Day Dinnerware is a well-known dinnerware company based in California. They boast high praise from articles by BuzzFeed, ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, GQ, and Clever.

Year & Day Dinnerware Review
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Offering high-quality materials and custom table settings, Year and Day Dinnerware envisions natural craftsmanship while maintaining responsible production for each and every ware.

Its popularity shows through its 79.9k followers on Instagram and about 6k followers on Facebook, which makes you shouldn’t doubt the quality of the products.

In this Year & Day Dinnerware Review, we shall explore the range of their ceramics and flatware, including dishes, bowls, and plates below. We shall also compare Year and Day and Fable, including the pros and cons of each brand.

Let’s dive in!

Why Year & Day Dinnerware?

As the brand states, “Your table is where you nourish yourself, your friendships, and your family.” that’s why they provide you with top-quality dinnerware on your side.

Take a look at the following points, then, nothing to doubt in buying the products.

Year & Day Dinnerware Highlights

  • 30 days return back
  • Modern dinnerware design collection
  • Top-quality materials used

What's On Year & Day Dinnerware

Year and Day provides a wide range of ceramics and flatware for every table setting a customer would want. Their dinnerware may be thoughtfully designed in the States, but the products are carefully crafted, processed, and hand finished in Europe.

Year & Day Dinnerware Products

Take it easy; all of the products are made with top-quality and finest materials to serve you durable dinnerware on your kitchen counter. In this Year & Day Dinnerware Review, we give you in-depth reviews about the best-seller products you might like.

Year and Day Dishes Review

Year and Day offer sets of dip dishes to serve antipasti, sauces, salt and pepper, and various oils. Indeed, they are very multi-purpose.

Year and Day Dishes Review
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Coming in sets of 4, these dip dishes can be chosen by color, which can be mixed and matched according to a customer’s taste. A monochrome set can also be chosen for a table set – this won’t come in a gift box, however.

Dip dishes have a semi-matte glaze finish and are safe for the dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven for up to 480 degrees (Celsius). Their dimensions are 2.7 inches in diameter and 0.8 inches in height. Each dip dish costs 10 dollars per piece.

It may look very commonplace in terms of design. However, they prove to be one of the most durable in the market. The careful craftsmanship seen in the dip dishes ensures their long shelf life.

These dip dishes are also able to withstand a wide range of temperatures – from sub-zero degrees in the freezer to the high heat produced in the oven. The neutral colors also allow Year and Day’s dip dishes to fit in any table setting.

Year and Day Plates Review

In this section, we talk about Year and Day’s plates. As we all know, plates are the staple of any dinnerware in the market. They hold the main dishes of any meal at any time of the day. Thus, it can be said that the origin of dinnerware is the plates themselves.

Year and Day Plates Review
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Like the dip dishes from above, the plates come in sets of 4 but can be bought at 16 dollars per piece. They come in similar colors and boast the same properties, such as withstanding a large temperature range, a minimalist design, and high durability.

These plates are rimless and have a semi-matte glaze finish. The dimensions of their plates are 10.7 inches and 1.2 inches in diameter and height respectively.

Year and Day Flatware Review

Aside from ceramic dinnerware, Year and Day also has metal flatware in its product line. A flatware set consists of 5 pieces – a knife, a big fork and a big spoon, a small fork, and a small spoon.

Year and Day Flatware Review
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Each knife, big fork, and big spoon can be bought separately at $11.25 per piece. Both the small spoon and small fork cannot be bought out of the set as of yet. Each of the flatware stated is carefully hand-finished personally.

It also has a 20-piece flatware set customized for a table of 4 people priced at $225. It will have 4 similar sets of the 5-piece set.

The flatware comes in 4 colors with different finishes – polished steel, matte gold, matte black, and matte steel. The knives are forged, whereas the fork and spoon are made of European stainless steel.

All the flatware guarantees to be dishwasher safe. It is advised to wash soon after use, and the matte series of flatware requires to be dried immediately after washing to prevent lingering water drops on their surfaces.

Both polished and matte finished forks and spoons have the same dimensions, 8 inches and 6.75 inches in length for the big series and small series respectively. The knives of the matte gold and matte black series, however, are shorter at 9.45 inches as compared to both steel series’ knives at 9.75 inches.

The flatware has a timeless design. They may seem simple at first, but upon closer inspection, it can be observed that they were carefully crafted by hand. Its simplicity has a sophisticated touch to it, so even if it looks modern at first glance, Year and Day’s flatware has class.

The hollow handles of the knives ensure that the balance of weight is achieved, and cutting tough ingredients such as steak is not a Herculean task.

Compiling other reviews, it is evident that both matte gold and matte black series have a shorter shelf life compared to the steel flatware. However, the average lifespan is reasonably long still, and people online are still raving about how new they look even after 2 years of daily use.

Year and Day Bowls Review

The bowls of Year and Day is another staple to their ceramic collection. From soup to pasta, Year and Day’s big bowls are guaranteed to stand the test of time and temperature.

Year and Day Bowls Review
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Like the plates above, these bowls have similar designs and concepts, are dishwasher safe, and able to withstand great heat. Year and Day’s plates and bowls can be used interchangeably and are great partners for each other.

Dimensions: 8.25 inches in diameter, 2.1 inches in height

Year and Day Ceramics Review

Passing through dip dishes, plates, and bowls, other ceramics from Year and Day deserve praise still. Serving bowls, serving platters, and even vases, Year and Day is versatile.

Year and Day Ceramics Review
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Complementing the dinnerware for a table setting, vases are a great addition to bring out the comfort of your home. Serving plates are great for big families, where meals are shared between each member.

Year and Day Glasses Review

Of course, we cannot forget a third collection – glasses. Thoughtfully proportioned with strengthened stems to resist breakage, the laser-cut glassware of Year and Day are hand finished in Italy.

Year and Day Glasses Review
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Offering sets of wine glasses, tall glasses, short glasses, and champagne glasses, Year and Day compiles their glassware in sets of 4 priced at 64 dollars. But beware and be fast. Their tall glasses often go out of stock due to popular demand.

Year and Day’s glassware have superior clarity. Free of dangerous materials such as lead and heavy metal, their glassware can also last for more than 10 years in the dishwasher. A bang for your buck, we daresay.

Year and Day Dinnerware Care Guides

Besides choosing the right dinnerware to use, the way of cleaning your dinnerware is another reason that makes them durable. Thus, here we give you some tips in cleaning the Year & Day dinnerware:

  • Ceramics
    Dishwasher safe, then you can simply wash it to use them again.
  • Glass
    Just like the ceramics, it is also dishwasher safe, ensuring simplicity.
  • Flatware
    It’s dishwasher safe, but the brand recommends you dry all the pieces right after washing it.

Year and Day Dinnerware vs. Fable

Another well-known dinnerware company is Fable. Like Year and Day, Fable’s design headquarters and their crafting procession are in different regions.

Fable is based in Canada, but its products are crafted in Portugal. Featuring Japanese designs, Fable offers a more vintage feel to table settings. On the other hand, Year and Day exude a more modern design, featuring simplicity with a subdued class.

Both companies share the same views on responsible production. Fable prides itself on sustainable production and offers a 100-day trial period for customer satisfaction. Year and Day ensures their products are durable, leading to less waste and the need for replacement. Their products are high in quality, boasting high reviews across Bazaar and Forbes.

Fable puts more focus on its drinkware. Some examples include ceramic mugs and champagne glasses, going as far as cappuccino cups for their recent Eternal Sunday Coffee collaboration. Fable also has similar pricing and sets for their dinnerware, ranging from 55 pounds for a set of 4 plates to 218 pounds for a flatware set.

Choosing between Year and Day and Fable depends on the customer’s own preference for design. Their high quality is guaranteed to last through the times. However, specific drinkware such as mugs or coffee cups can be bought from Fable instead.

Year and Day Dinnerware Pricing

The price varies depending on the dinnerware you choose. Here we give you the price info for your consideration.

Year & Day Dinnerware Pros and Cons

We complete our Year & Day Dinnerware Review with the brand’s pros and cons for your buying consideration. Below are the lists.

Year & Day Dinnerware Pros

  • Timeless design
  • Durable
  • Hand finished
  • Multi-purpose

Year & Day Dinnerware Cons

  • Price might be on the higher end
  • Neutral tones can be boring for eccentric customers
  • No custom designs

Year & Day Dinnerware Customer Service

If you have any problems due to the products or anything else, you can simply reach the brand’s customer service team through this form. Wait within a day for their reply.

The good news is that the brand provides an FAQ page to help you out with your issues.

Where To Buy Year & Day Dinnerware

The only safe place to get the Buy Year & Day Dinnerware products is on its official site. There, you can buy the original products at a special price.

You can also sign up for the brand’s newsletter, as you can get updated news from the brand.


The following are some frequently asked questions about Year & Day Dinnerware that might answer your curiosity.

Where are Year & Day plates made?

All of the products are hand-finished in Europe with high-quality materials only.

Does Year & Day Dinnerware ship internationally?

Unfortunately, Year & Day Dinnerware is the only ship to the 48 contiguous United States.


Year and Day is a dinnerware company featuring hand-finished timeless designs. Their products are responsibly made and have high sustainability because of how durable each product is.

Each dinnerware can be custom picked for any table setting, and the neutral finishes ensure that it can suit any setting from classy to cozy.

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