Kozy Couch Reviews

Where is Kozy Couch made?

Danielle and Brian want to give the best for their daughter, including the furniture. They research their friends and hear what they need. As a result, they created a couch with educational purposes in 2022, namely Kozy Couch

Kozy Couch Reviews
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The founders ensured to give safe products manufactured in the USA and tested, ensuring the quality based on CPSC regulations. In addition, the products get a CeriPUR-US certification due to the polyurethane foam products. 

You and your kids can comfortably play, lay, or sleep on the couch. The founders provide 25% thicker foam and 2-inch addition for a better couch foundation. These features allow you to have soft and durable fabric

Since it is new, you may not find it in any press. However, the company has gained much attention due to its premium features. It has more than 28.1K followers on Instagram and 2.8K on Facebook! 

Then, keep reading this Kozy Couch review till the end because we will dive into its best-selling items. Now, sit comfortably and start reading to find impressive support for your child’s development and growth! 

Why Shop at Kozy Couch?

This family-owned company is proud to offer customers high-quality products. In addition, you would not regret buying the products since they are tested individually by Danielle and Brian’s daughter, Vivianne. 

Why Shop at Kozy Couch?
Image credit: facebook.com/Kozycouch
facebook.com/Kozycouch https://facebook.com/Kozycouch

Not only does the company made by a happy family, but also it has other plus points. Below are the highlights you must know from it: 

Kozy Couch Highlights 

  • Features CeriPUR-US foam 
  • Made of 100% poly fabric material 
  • Promotes safer playing with 2 inches higher cushions 
  • Suitable for babies, children, and adults 
  • Includes one-year warranty 
  • Ships internationally, even to APO, FPO, and DPO addresses 
  • Free standard US shipping fee for all orders 
  • Receives 5/5 rating out of 279 reviews 

What's On Kozy Couch

To begin the discussion, you must know what collections this company offers. Will you find couches or get another product? 

What's On Kozy Couch
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Here are all collections you’ll find on Kozy Couch: 

Kozy Couch Set  Doubly Kozy Couch Set 
Pillow Pack  Kozy Cover 
Kozy Waterproof Cover Kozy Gift Card 

However, you can’t spend too much time only reading this article. Therefore, let’s move to the following section and see what 3 best-selling products we’ll discuss! 

Kozy Couch Couch Set Reviews

Say hi to the first all-rounder, a Couch Set in 7 shades. You can purchase whichever you like, from black to pebble, blue to pastel shades. In addition, this soft-textured product suits babies, toddlers, to adults

Kozy Couch Couch Set Reviews
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You and your kids will love spending time on the couch because it promotes many configurations. Whether you tidy it up as a small house or a big castle, sharpen your kid’s creativity to make more shapes! 

This set includes 2 square cushions, 33 x 33 x 5 inches and a triangle cushion with 22 x 13.5 x 12 inches in dimensions. You do not need another cover because it has a second-inside cover to protect the foam’s quality. 

This fluffy CeriPUR-US foam product will protect your children whenever they fall. Furthermore, the 100% poly fabric coverage gives you a smooth couch surface. Then, are you ready to get this machine-washable couch for your kids? 

Kozy Couch Cover Reviews

Are you limited in budget but want a more colorful couch in your room? Then, you can solve this problem by buying this Kozy Couch Cover

Kozy Couch Cover Reviews
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The cover features 100% poly fabric with a durable yet soft texture. In addition, it is washable in the machine, allowing you to be more efficient. 

You may choose the shade between 7, from monochrome to pastel. Then, let’s use 2 square base covers and 1 wedge cover for a new couch look! 

Kozy Couch Waterproof Cover Reviews

Kids are always active, and sometimes, they are messy. You can’t help it, undoubtedly. However, you can get away from spilling water or milk by installing this Waterproof Cover

Kozy Couch Waterproof Cover Reviews
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kozycouch.com https://kozycouch.com

It has a basic color and protects the couch from messes of all kinds. In addition, it fits the Kozy Couch Set with 2 square covers and 1 wedge cover. 

Thanks to the polyester fabric material, you can have durable and machine-washable coverage for the couch. Plus, if you get it with a couch set, you’ll get an additional 20% off. Then, let’s check the availability! 

Kozy Couch Washing Instructions

Methods for Cleaning the Cushions

As an owner, you must know how to clean the cushions. Below is the step to keep your item clean and clear. 

  • Clean the light spills and stains with a gentle cleaner. 
  • Clean the couch and cover with a washing machine in cold water, gentle detergent, and a mild cycle. 
  • Avoid washing the foam with a machine because it may shrink. 
  • Air-dry the cover to prevent shrinkage. 

Then, ensure you follow the instructions above so that your belongings stay durable and long-lasting. 

Kozy Couch vs Nugget

You may find many competitors of this company, including Nugget Couch. Interested in the comparison between the two? Here is the explanation: 

Kozy Couch  Nugget 
  • Est since 2022 
  • Made of 100% poly fabric 
  • The seat height is 10 inches
  • Offers pastel shades 
  • Orders will be shipped the following day 
  • Est since 2014
  • Made of micro-suede fabric
  • The seat height is 8.75 inches 
  • Offers more colorful shades 
  • Orders will be sent within 1 to 3 business days

Kozy Couch Pricing

Sometimes, purchasing furniture requires a lot of budget. You can now relieve because the product’s price is reasonable. If you’re curious, take a look closer! 

Kozy Couch Set $269.99 $148.99
Double Kozy Couch $519.99 $285.98
Pillow Pack $319.98 $159.99
Kozy Cover $109.98 $64.99
Kozy Waterproof Cover $89.98 $54.99
Kozy Gift Card $25$1000

Promotions and Discounts 

Furthermore, here are several promotions you may get to cut the price: 

  • Get a 10% off coupon code for your first-time order 
  • Subscribe to the official website for the latest sales 
  • Refer to your friend to earn a 40% discount code 
  • Enjoy an automatic 20% off waterproof cover with Kozy Couch Set/Double Set purchases 

Then, are you ready to get the offer? 

Kozy Couch Pros and Cons

In the middle of this review, you will learn the pros and cons of this cushion brand. Without further ado, take a look closer! 


  • Offers pastel shade that suits all house types 
  • Machine-washable cushions 
  • Suits small place 
  • Safe and buildable 
  • It provides a set for a more affordable price 
  • Free US shipping for all orders 
  • 30-day return policy 


  • No international shipping 

Kozy Couch Customer Reviews

As a customer, knowing testimonial is important to see how satisfied the customers are. You can see it clearly by reading this section. Then, let’s dig deeper! 

Kozy Couch Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/Kozycouch
facebook.com/Kozycouch https://facebook.com/Kozycouch

Below are the ratings of the abovementioned products: 

Meanwhile, here is what a satisfied customer said: 

My children love these set. We bought the second set recently, and it is hours of amusement! They climb on it, use it as a launch pad, tumble on it, build forts with it. It is an endless fun!

This mom is delicate because the couch set brings amusement to her children. In addition, it is functional for any educational purpose, which is fantastic! 

Another customer stated: 

… So far, it has been great to sit on, lay on, bounce, crawling through, running around, even I could go on and on. Lots of fun! Amazing quality! Very delicate with the purchase!

This mom is also happy because the cushion is outstanding. She and her kid can do anything from sitting to lying down. Not only is it enjoyable, but the product’s quality is tremendous. 

Simply put, Kozy Couch performs limitless functions on all products for all customers. Therefore, the customers give a high rating, meaning they are satisfied with their purchase. 

Is Kozy Couch Worth It?

Indeed, Kozy Couch is worth buying because it has high quality and promotes safety for all ages. Parents can let children play with it since the couch features soft textures. 

Is Kozy Couch Worth It?
Image credit: facebook.com/Kozycouch
facebook.com/Kozycouch https://facebook.com/Kozycouch

The petite size allows customers with small spaces to enjoy the function and create configurations. Furthermore, you can enjoy a free shipping perk for all orders around the US. So, are you ready to apply the promo code to get them at a lower price? 

Where to Buy Kozy Couch

Since this company was established last year, it sells its products exclusively from the official website. It is the only place to purchase your desired cushions and covers

Furthermore, you may enjoy the free US shipping perk for any order. You’ll get this privilege if your shipping destination is in the contiguous US. So, let’s get the deal! 

Kozy Couch Customer Service

Customer service from this company is ready to help whenever you need assistance. Please leave a message by submitting a Contact Us ticket. The team needs at least 24 hours to come back to you. 

However, if you need a faster response, the Live Chat on the site is perfect to contact. The team will answer all your questions from Monday to Sunday, 9 AM to 6 PM EDT. 


Providing the best for your children can help them to grow well gradually. Thanks to Kozy Couch, you can get an impressive couch that has a soft texture and is durable for years. 

In addition, the flexibility allows your children to be more creative in the couch builds. They can play cheerfully yet are protected due to the premium features. Then, visit the website and start shopping for your desired shade! 

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