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Chances are, you might have heard of Neutypechic before. Neutypechic, or Neutype on their website, is an eco-friendly based in California, Los Angeles. Founded in 2012, Neutypechic boasts 10 years of professional experience, leading independently in the industry.

An expert on all things mirrors, they specialize in mirrors of all shapes and sizes. Their expertise guarantees that these mirrors are fit to be placed in any part of a lodging or other establishments.

These include full-length mirrors, wall-mounted mirrors, and even mirrors with irregular shapes. Additionally, Neutypechic has also started a new innovative line of glass chair mats. In this review, we will explore the most popular lines of their products below!

Why Shop at Neutypechic?

During its 11-year journey, Neutype has established a strong production capacity, excellent product quality, and unique customization services. Gradually, the brand has become the No.1 choice for minimalist interior glass in North America.

To prove its superior quality, Neutype also has a showroom where customers can see, touch, and feel their products.

The brand displays full-length mirrors honestly on physical screens to give customers a better idea of the product’s value. Thus, you can experience Neutype’s services firsthand.

In addition, the brand also has many warehouses spread across the US. Therefore, they can deliver the mirror to your address quickly, providing free shipping on all orders.

Neutype uses high-quality materials and does its part to protect the environment and minimize its impact by eliminating excessive packaging.

As a result, they use innovative ways to reduce the amount of glass packaging used, especially foam. Instead, they use renewable PS plastic in decorative Faux wood frames, turning masses of PS waste into beautiful mirror frames.

As a design & quality-driven company, Neutype ensures that its designs express the manufacturer’s distinctive character and meet consistently high-quality standards so that customers can continue to use and enjoy the products in the long time.

What's On Neutypechic Review

As explained above, this brand represents various types of glass with unique, attractive, and minimalist designs. Based on category, you can buy mirrors based on; Room, Shape, Size, Color, New Arrivals, LED Mirrors, Custom Made, and Flash Sale.

Each of those categories has a pervasive list of products. The brand has categorized its products to make customer easy to find the products they are looking for.

If discussing all the products would take a long time, so we will focus on the best product lineup only. Check out the reviews in the next section!

Neutypechic Full Length Mirror Review

Unsurprisingly, their full-length mirror takes up the majority of Neutypechic’s sales. These standing mirrors are made up of distinctive shapes and designs and come bordered or not bordered.

Neutypechic Full Length Mirror Review
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The oversized mirrors bring out a dramatic flair and allow customers to make a statement, however bold they might be. Their regular designs include an arched top.

We bring one of their bestselling mirrors to be reviewed: the Riley Arched Mirror (shown in the picture above). The Riley Arched Mirror is tall, and its classic framing exudes simple elegance fit for decorating either indoors or outdoors.

With a focus on contemporary art, the Riley Arched Mirror’s smooth reflection has the unique ability to create the illusion of space. An expansive room can therefore be made simply by placing this mirror into any side of the room.

It’s also not too thick nor too thin in width, and the constitution of the mirror has a sturdy balance, preventing the mirror from wobbling or toppling over on its own.

Neutypechic Wall-Mounted Mirror Review

Next in this review is Neutypechic’s wall-mounted mirrors. Another must-have to your collection is their wall mirrors are designed in a way so that it lies flat on the wall instead of having any gaps in between the surface of the wall and the mirror.

Neutypechic Wall-Mounted Mirror Review
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Mounted mirrors act as a foil for standing mirrors. They can be complementarily placed across each other or placed alone as a solo statement.

Where standing mirrors focus on expanding space, mounted mirrors are able to brighten up your home by reflecting light.

Coming in squared, round, and irregular shapes, wall-mounted mirrors are suitable for any ambiance a customer might envision for their room.

Neutypechic Round Mirror Review

Neutypechic’s round mirrors are perfect for small rooms in the home. Round mirrors can be blended with other furniture to solidify a theme or can be brought out into focus as a standalone piece. They share the same utilities as the mirrors above.

Neutypechic Round Mirror Review
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However, Neutypechic’s round mirrors provide a more modern feel as compared to the dramatic flair of a full-length mirror.

Most round mirrors are wall mounted, else they skid around when placed on the floor standing. The round mirrors are by no means plain, and the timeless design means that they can be placed and replaced wherever a customer sees fit.

Neutypechic LED Mirror

A relatively new addition to their collection, Neutypechic’s LED mirrors promise a more spa-like vibe across the room.

Neutypechic LED Mirror
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Neutypechic offers mirrors with lights to provide lighting for any occasion of the day, whether it be a simple bathroom routine or a glamorous preparation for a night’s out.

Neutypechic carefully designed the lights to be not too bright nor too dark to see – like Goldilocks’ bed, the strength of the lights is just right.

These LED mirrors come in all types of sizes, so you can choose a lighted mirror that complements your own space.

Full-length LED mirrors have a more dramatic flair and are usually fitted for larger living areas like the common room.

Wall-mounted LED mirrors can be placed in the bathroom, whereas irregularly shaped LED mirrors can be placed anywhere for guests of the house.

Of course, the placement depends on Neutypechic’s customers themselves. We believe that this line can provide a newer sense of luxury for customers as well.

Neutypechic Glass Chair Mat

This may come out of place in a company specializing in mirrors, but Neutypechic’s expertise on glass materials have produced an innovative design – a glass chair mat.

Neutypechic Glass Chair Mat
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They are affordable, high in quality, classy, and is made well enough to last across long periods of time, even with rough use.

These glass chair mats protect the floor from skid marks that can be made from moving furniture around or any other potential damage. The tempered glass surface allows roll chairs to move effortlessly across the room, and is fairly easy to clean.

They can be placed on any flooring, ranging from hardwood to carpeted interiors. Unlike PVC or plastic mats, Neutypechic’s glass chair mats cannot be eroded by wear and tear. It will last for a long time (even a lifetime!).

Their transparency also allows it to fit in well. Families can rest assured. The glass mats have rounded edges to prevent injury, so kids can run around without hurting themselves.

Neutypechic Price

How Much Does Neutype Mirror Cost?

From Room, Shape, Size, Color, LED to Custom Mirrors, you can get them from $199.99 to $719.99. You will be faced with a different size and color depending on your preference for each mirror.

You can also enter the discount code FIRST5 to get an exclusive 5% OFF on your first order. In addition, free shipping worldwide is also provided within 4 to 6 business days.

Neutypechic Pros and Cons

After delving deeper into the brand, below we have compiled a list of its pros and cons of the brand. Let’s see!

Neutypechic Pros

  • Innovative yet classy designs
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Long-lasting
  • High quality
  • Customized sizes
  • Complements any room
  • Excellent customer service
  • Secure payment, easy replacements for damage

Neutypechic Cons

  • Might be pricey
  • Is largely based in North America
  • Shipping to customers globally may prove to be expensive

Is Neutypechic Worth It?

There are many mirror options on the market, but Neutypechic is genuinely made with design, quality, and sustainability in mind, which makes it worth your investment.

Their mirror collection is genuinely designed by stylish in-house designers and crafted by experienced artisans to produce mirrors that are elegant, classy, and suitable for long-lasting use.

Neutypechic Customer Service

How To Contact Neutypechic

Neutype is happy to collaborate with you! Thus, if you want to talk about the project or you have any questions, please contact the brand’s customer service, and they will get back to you within 24 hours. This is how:

Where To Buy Neutypechic

If you want to get a mirror from Neutype by customizing it to your liking, you can visit their official website. However, if you’re going to buy a mirror with a ready-made design, you can also find Neutype’s products collection on Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Walmart.


With 10 years of professional experience under their belt, Neutypechic is a leading expert in their field. Their mirrors are responsibly produced with a focus on sustainability. Although they are priced on the higher end of the market, Neutypechic’s mirrors are made to last.

Their numerous collection also appeals to people with various personalities and needs. High-quality materials and sophisticated craftmanship carefully designed by the company ensure that all their mirrors can be placed anywhere in the room, bringing with it a touch of the upgraded class.

Customer satisfaction is their main priority, and this can be seen with personalized customer service. Neutypechic’s mirrors chart high reviews across popular brands like Lululemon. And that is why Neutypechic stays to be the number 1 choice for mirrors in North American households.

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