Pepper Home Reviews

Pepper and Home are founded by 2 friends, Erin and Kelsey. Their motto is that people deserve to have a home of their own, whether it is named or not. Pepper and Home collaborate with artists all over the world but is largely based in the States.

Offering custom pillows, curtains, table linens, wallpaper, and more, customers can create original and unique pieces that promise to be unlike any other in the market.

Although personalization is their main selling point, Pepper and Home’s prices are reasonable, where custom pieces come as low as $58.

They also provide free resources for customers to take inspiration from. Bold colors, floral patterns, and geometric prints are all available here at Pepper and Home.

Additionally, Pepper and Home provide fabric swatches so that customers do not have to decide before paying fully for their pieces. Let us journey onward with Pepper and Home’s interior dream.

Why Shop at Pepper Home?

While Pepper isn’t the only brand that sells home interior decor products, you need a good reason to shop with them. And just for you, here are some of the top reasons why this brand is highly recommended:

  • Simple Designs
    The brand brings you a range of designs you have never seen before. In addition, Pepper’s products collection will make it easy for you to place them, eliminating any confusion.
  • Made For Last
    The brand works with the best artists for all its exclusive print collections. All products are manufactured in the USA, and it’s no wonder almost every product features superior quality.
  • Sustainable Style
    The brand makes every piece to order. Hence, it allows them to work sustainably, reduce their environmental footprint, and keep price points lower than traditional designers.

What's On Pepper Home

Pepper Home is a modern home textile brand providing various interior home products to create a livelier, more pleasant atmosphere. Here are some lists of the brand’s product categories:

Pepper Home Products

In the next section, we’ll go into more detail about some of the brand’s best collections so that you can get a real picture of the products. Curious? Scroll up to get started!

Pepper Home Decor Reviews

Pepper and Home have a specific way of customization. First, customers choose a fabric of their choice, which can be tried out from trial swatches before going on to the next step. The next step after deciding is for customers to select which products they want to customize.

Whether it be wallpaper, pillows, or curtains, the next and final step is putting the choices altogether. Of course, customers can only pick one décor to customize if they want to. However, this unique personalization process is what makes Pepper and Home so highly rated.

Pepper Home Curtains Review

In this section, we break down the decors Pepper and Home provides one by one. We start with their curtains.

Pepper Home Curtains Review
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Wildly popular, Pepper and Home’s curtains are customized articulately. Starting from construction, length, lining, trimming and the parts to be trimmed, and width and length.

Customers unsure of their desired dimensions can use the calculator provided on the website. Dye variations may occur for certain patterns, but all of Pepper and Home’s curtains are made of 100% cotton.

Pepper and Homes curtains start from $118, and panels are sold individually instead of in bulk. The curtains are also rather heavy, and this prevents it from being easily wrinkled or folded, instead allowing them to drape beautifully to show off Pepper and Home’s various prints.

Pepper Home Wallpaper Review

Pepper and Home’s wallpapers are digitally printed in Connecticut, and patterns are repeated in a 9 by 9 inches basis.

Pepper Home Wallpaper Review
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These wallpapers can make any space pop and can be used anywhere – nurseries for the kids, your home office, the bedroom, and many more.

The wallpapers are made with high-quality eco-friendly clay-coated paper, and patterns are dyed into the paper with water-based inks. This ensures that Pepper and Home’s fun designs do not use excessive chemicals for their processing.

However, these wallpapers are not self-adhesive, requiring paste to install them on the walls of your home. It is advised to consult their installation service.

You might expect that Pepper and Home’s wallpapers are difficult to paste, but professionals have commented on how easy they are to work with.

Their wallpaper is counted in yards, and a minimum order of 5 yardages is required before orders can be processed. Prices start at $260 at 5 yards and go up to $2200 at 100 yards. Customers can save more when they buy a larger amount of yardage.

Pepper Home Pillows Review

A great addition to your furniture, Pepper and Home pillows are cozy, luxurious, and masterfully designed. These pillows come in different sizes.

Pepper Home Pillows Review
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A lumbar pillow at 12 by 21 inches, a square pillow available in sizes 18”, 20”, and 22”, and another unique sizing called the Euro – also considered as the largest square pillow in the line at 26 by 26.

Pillows are offered two choices, case only or one with case and insert. If the latter choice is clicked, these pillows come with a removable insert made up of 95% duck feather and 5% of other down fills.

Removing the insert from the pillows allows customers to wash the exterior covering without damaging the inserts. Prices for the pillows start at $58 for the case only and $100 for the case and insert combo.

High-quality fabrics and contrast of the pillow make it look more expensive than how much it actually costs. It can be matched with other decors in the interior, including matching curtains or wallpaper.

Pepper Home Fabric

Pepper and Home is known for their fabric swatches. Rather, it has become one of their main selling points. A 6 by 6 fabric swatch is available for $3.

Pepper Home Fabric
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Pepper and Home’s fabrics are hand painted and designed exclusively for the company. They are then digitally printed on 100% cotton fabrics in South Carolina.

After a customer has finished deciding whether or not they want a specific pattern, larger sizes are available to be purchased. These come in 17 by 17 repeat patterns and are sold per yard, starting from $72 for each yardage.

Most of their fabric options are also available as other decors, such as wallpaper and curtains, so complementary designs across the room can be easily achieved by mixing and matching. The fabric can be used for pillows, lighting, or various forms of draping.

Caring for the fabric is also relatively easy. It is machine washed in the cold, and drying wise, can be lain flat on any surface.

Pepper Home Rugs

Pepper and Home’s rugs series is a collaborative effort with another company, Loom and Co. A color card can be purchased before buying any of the rugs at $10.

Pepper Home Rugs
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Lower priced rugs cost $475, whereas the others cost as much as $810 for the smallest size (3×8 inches).

These Indian dhurrie rugs are hand-painted with vegetable dyes. As such, variations in the striking patterns may occur upon purchasing.

Although the rug is constituted from high-quality materials and hand painting can justify the price to a certain extent, some customers feel that these rugs cost too much to be considered affordable.

Pepper Home Nursery

The nursery and kids line for Pepper and Home is a line targeted at children. Timeless patterns cannot be quickly outgrown and grow with them throughout childhood.

Pepper Home Nursery
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The range includes every décor stated above. However, pastel and soft, muted colors are prioritized to complement the room.

This line is a thoughtful venture for Pepper and Home. However, some may not consider this line essential, as this may limit a parent’s choice for their own personalization.

Pepper Home Price

Regarding price, every Pepper product price is worth with the quality offered. If described by category, here is an estimated budget that you can prepare to shop at this brand:

If you feel the prices are still high, follow the brand’s social media to get regular discount information. On some occasions, the brand also shares coupon codes on their social media that you can use to reduce your spending.

Pepper Home Pros and Cons

To be a wise purchaser, you have to know the advantages and disadvantages of the product you wanna buy. Below are some Pepper Home pros and cons that you need to know.

Pepper Home Pros

  • Customization
  • Personalized for customers
  • Various free resources for design inspiration
  • Myriad of colors and prints
  • Fabric swatches and color cards can be bought as a trial pack

Pepper Home Cons

  • Too much choice may confuse the customers
  • Rugs more expensive than other decor
  • Most patterns have a soft and natural touch (eccentric customers preferring bright and bold colors might not be able to find what they want)

Is Pepper Home Worth It?

Pepper Home is a brand worth investing in if you want to apply some printing motifs to your home devices with a design you like. Here you can customize according to your request, and the team of experts will guide you until the product meets the expected results.

Pepper Home Customer Service

If you have some detailed questions related to products, shipping, returns, etc., please feel free to contact the brand’s customer service at:

Start a live chat by clicking the bubble icons on the bottom corner of the official website.

The brand customer service will respond to any of your inquiries as soon as possible so that you can get your order soon!

Where To Buy Pepper Home

Since the brand works on a bespoke basis, the best way to get a customized order is to visit its official website.

Here, you can visit the Design Help page to access the curtain and wallpaper calculator or for a pillow and tablecloth size guide.


The following are some of the frequently asked questions about Pepper Home that might help answer your curiosity.

Who owns Pepper Home?

Kelsey Brown is the founder and CEO of the luxury textile brand, Pepper Home.

Does Pepper Home Ship Internationally?

Unfortunately, the brand only ships its product to the US and CA.


Pepper Home provides you with the best designs, colors, patterns, and materials for home curtains & wallpapers for any atmosphere in your home. The brand will deliver its unique creations to your home within 7 working days.

The brand’s curtain collection is sustainably made in the USA. All orders are custom-made according to your requests and will be guided by a team of experts to meet the perfect finish so that you can feel good about your custom curtains for more reasons than one.

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