Rolli Shades Reviews

Rolli Shades is one of the most advanced shade companies in the smart home industry right now. They show the smart in the smart homes by achieving automated shades controlled remotely in various ways.

Rolli Shades Reviews
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Although it starts off as a pricier shade, we can guarantee Rolli Shades’ quality in materials, concepts, and actual installation.

They offer inside and outside mounts; other information we might need is thoughtfully uploaded on their official website. Designer fabrics complement the high design.

Rolli Shade, therefore, allows us customers to personalize our shades as much as we want while being as accurate as possible.

Mini blogs and reviews from their professional designers can be accessed for free before any purchase is involved.

Reviews about other home brands, like speaker comparisons between Sonos and Echo, are articulately written and provided by Rolli Shade for free.

In short, Rolli Reviews on the official website is an integral information hub for anyone accessing the website, whether it be potential customers or maybe, like you and me, simply passing by.

Why Shop at Rolli Shades?

Rolli certainly has several things that generally make it different from roller brands. In addition to the material that is known for its quality, here are some of the benefits of Rolli:

  • Designer Fabrics
    The brand brings a minimalist and luxurious roller collection, creating a new interior feel for your home. The fabrics are perfectly selected to complement the aesthetics of your home.
  • Remote or App Control
    Rolli is equipped with the Rolli Remote control system. It is one of the best automatic remotes in its class. Hence, it will bring your home into the 21st century.
  • Set Sunrise Timers
    Sunrise, shades rise. You can use the Rolli’s remote to set timers and tell “Alexa to drive the rolli” to customize your sunlight to your life.
  • Energy Savings
    Using automatic windows will help you save up to 17% on your home energy usage and bills.
  • Certified
    With its innovation and prowess, Rolli has received various awards, including Green Guards Certified, and has won awards at the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CCE) integrated home competition.

What's On Rolli Shades Review

Rolli provides you with the best collection of rollers that allow you to control how much natural light you have in your home and the privacy of your home. Here is a list of their products:

Rolli Shades Products

Well, if you’re on your way to finding the best roller for your home, don’t miss this Rolli Shades review. We have thoroughly researched their official website to ensure their products are worth buying. So, without further ado, check out the review below!

Rolli Shades Rolli Privacy Review

Rolli Shades offers a light filtering shade called the Rolli Privacy. It comes in 5 colors – white, chrome, putty, armor, and the darkest, ocean blue.

Rolli Shades Rolli Privacy Review
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Light filtering is automated, so we can rest assured when we install it in more public areas like the office, the living room, the kitchen, and the bathrooms.

They can be moved with the remote. Smart homes with Alexa pre-installed can use that too. Otherwise, timers can be set on the Rolli Shades App, which comes at an additional cost of 229 USD. Rolli Privacy starts from 449 USD.

It comes in options depending on the room it will be installed in. Rolli Privacy comes in open and closed shades, with an additional 50 USD when choosing the latter option.

Precision is absolutely guaranteed for this brand. Measurement inputs are required when completing a purchase.

10.0 10/10
9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10

Rolli Shades Rolli Sleep Review

Now, it might look similar to Rolli Privacy, but Rolli Sleep is constructed with a special kind of shade called ‘the blackout.’ Automated blackout shades are automatically perfect for the bedroom.

Rolli Shades Rolli Sleep Review
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Everyone needs at least 8 hours of deep sleep, don’t we? And Rolli Sleep can guarantee just that. Now we can all sleep in complete darkness and wake up to the sun fully rested. Rolli Sleep starts from 449 USD.

All colors from Rolli Privacy are also available in Rolly Sleep. Of course, even though sleep is the main priority for Rolli Sleep, it can also be installed in the kitchen, living room, or even the office.

A quick shut-eye anywhere whenever you need it. Making a purchase for Rolli Sleep has very similar steps as well. A stunning wall accent and a blackout shade all in one.

10.0 10/10
9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10

Rolli Shades Rolli Remote Review

This remote might look like any other remote, but Rolli Shades’ Rolli Remote is able to control up to 15 shades at once. It pairs any shade to any channel, so distributing control per shade is also possible.

Rolli Shades Rolli Remote Review
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The Rolli Remote can even move all shades up and down at once when switched to the first channel, channel 0.

The setup is fairly easy too. Simply click the button on the side of the Rolli Remote, then hit the pairing button next to the battery button on the back of the remote. All done.

Rolli Remote starts from 49 USD and does not automatically come with other shade purchases. But is it worth it? Absolutely!

Rolli Shades vs Roman Shades

To pit Rolli Shades against the traditional Roman Shades is like the battle between modernity and tradition.

Roman Shades

In summary, Roman Shades are manual shades raised and lowered by cords. They come in various materials, including more natural ones such as wood, all the way to reinforced paper sheets. When fully raised, Roman Shades stack themselves into neat horizontal stacks near the top of the mount. It is one of the simplest and most practical shades.

Rolli Shades

The brand prefers an even more simplified way of raising and lowering shades – by using a remote control. This allows customers like us to control from further distances without even rising up from our chairs. Rolli Shades also don’t utilize cords, so be rest assured, even with pets around the area.

Rolli Shades Price

Of course, Rolli’s collection of roller shades comes with extensive features and materials to buy. Now, to help you get transparent information about the price of Rolli products.

You can obtain The Rolli Sleep & Rolli Privacy for any fabric at $449.00. However, you may be charged an additional $50 for the Closed Shade Type. Likewise, the brand offers expert installation services but will be charged an additional $75.

However, you can get the Rolli Remote at $49.00, while the Rolli App at $299.00. Good news for you, the brand also helps you save $50 if you subscribe to Rolli’s newsletter.

Rolli Shades Pros and Cons

After reading the Rolli product reviews, you might want to buy one. However, before you buy, you should consider the pros and cons of the brand below so that you buy wisely.

Rolli Shades Pros

  • Modern and timeless design
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Easy installation
  • Mismeasured shades will be replaced
  • Free shipping included every purchase
  • Centralized smart home integration
  • Automated shades promote green living
  • Increased quality of life
  • No complicated cords from manual blinds
  • Privacy.

Rolli Shades Cons

  • Relatively pricey
  • Fully centralized control means paying extra for remote control or an application hub by the company
  • Other hidden costs like expert installation may come up
  • Some people might still prefer manual shades
  • Does not offer a natural vibe unlike other materials such as wood

Rolli Shades Customer Review

We went through the brand’s official website in depth to get the best perspective. And to really tell the true customer reviews of this brand, here is a recap of the customer ratings of the brand:

Here is the feedback of satisfied customers who purchased Rolli Sleep:

Rolli Sleep has saved my life. I utilized to having so much sunlight coming into my room. I have a beautiful shade that completely changes the room now. It’s like a gorgeous accent wall!

A happy customer who purchased Rolli Privacy said:

Rolli’s shades are amazingly impressive. They look stunning, were easy for someone we hired to install, and the remote looks and feels fantastic. I’m absolutely happy with this purchase!

A customer says the Rolli Remote makes it easier to manage roller shades. He states:

We recommend one per room. We had to order more because they control up to 15 shades, but that doesn’t mean you only need 1 for 15 shades in practice. Great remote, though!

Lastly, the Rolli App also got very good feedback:

We used the app to control all the shades in our house at once when leaving on vacation. The remote is good when you are in that room.

From these lines of customer feedback, we can tell that the brand’s product collection works as it claims. It delivers value for money and quality. Moreover, we hardly found any dissatisfied customer feedback towards the purchase of the brand’s products.

Is Rolli Shades Worth It?

Is an automated shade worth it? Now that is the question. As we all know, there are pros and cons to everything, whether it be shades, a standout but subdued wall accent, and so on. This is a question we ask ourselves after going through the benefits and drawbacks stated above.

Although pricier than most curtains available in the market, such as Roman Shades, the quality of Rolli Shade is guaranteed. Privacy is their biggest concern, and no matter what option we choose from, privacy is always obtained in varying degrees.

Rolli Shades Customer Service

How To Contact Rolli Shades

Need a hand? Rolli is here to help! You can fill in the blank form on their official website by writing down your problem or question. Apart from that, you can also contact the brand via:

Where To Buy Rolli Shades

Just visit the brand’s official website and select your preferred roller type. It is always advisable to purchase through the official website because you can directly choose the fabric color, shade type, and installation option using experts or not. That way, you can now consider your budget during checkout.


Rolli Shades is an award-winning green guard certified company. All the shades are fully automated, and although some options come with extra costs, all options ensure efficiency and privacy.

Rolli Shades can be installed virtually anywhere, and the modern design ensures that we do not have to change patterns to follow the trend. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed even when paying a premium.

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