Sofa Club Reviews

Sofa Club is a brand that has lived through the sofa revolution, where the living room became a place to live. As a result, the brand has made upgrading your sofa game an absolute pleasure.

Sofa Club Reviews
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The brand provides you with a collection of sofas that are both quality and stylish. So do you want a sofa for Netflix, working at home, or lounging all day on vacation? The brand is here for that!

Founded in 2012 by Louis Rose and Tom Oneill, Sofa Club is a family business driven by years of experience in the furniture industry. Quickly, the company becomes a well-known furniture & home improvement brand.

Constantly innovating to create high-quality and comfortable sofas, in 2018, the brand launched its first sofa statement, fashion for your home. As seen on the brand’s social media, they have reached 216K followers on Instagram, which continues to grow.

Through this Sofa Club review, we invite you to look at what the brand offers, including best-selling products, pricing, and everything you could ever want to know about the brand. Ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

Why Shop at Sofa Club?

Sofa Club wants to grow with you and welcomes all feedback and insights for better innovation. Likewise, the brand wants to stay connected with you through the community to build and grow the sustainability process. Hence, together the brand and customers share ideas that have a lasting impact.

Why Shop at Sofa Club?
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Moreover, the brand continuously strives to involve excellence and positivity in everything it does by creating an excellent service approach. It is no wonder that they have established itself so quickly and constructed a strong community of customers, followers, and collaborators.

The company wants to make every customer interaction with the sofa brand memorable. Therefore, in addition to superior customer service, the brand presents various attractive offers such as 0% finance, customer support interactions, retail operations, logistics, and delivery.

On the other hand, the brand also offers fast and reliable delivery. For example, they have 1000 sofas available for immediate delivery and a professionally trained 2-man delivery team ready to deliver on the day of your order.

You can be assured of quality by purchasing a sofa from this brand. The brand’s sofa collection is made in the UK with hardwood frames that are so strong that they offer a lifetime guarantee. Thus, you can be satisfied with your purchase for years to come.

The brand wants to provide the best service to its customers right down to the roots. Hence, the brand offers a 5-year Platinum maintenance plan and 100-day returns. You are expected to be always satisfied and happy with your shopping experience with this brand.

There is one happy news that you cannot miss with this brand, and that is 0% finance. The company allows customers to easily spread the cost over a time that suits their needs. However, this finance option is available for all orders over £600, whether ordered online or at a sofa lounge near you.

Want to get a real picture of the brand’s sofas? You can shop in the comfort of an exclusive sofa lounges showroom in shopping centers across the UK so that every customer can try out the brand’s products before buying. The lounges are open 7 days a week, and friendly brand hosts are available to provide expert advice to help you get your perfect sofa.

Thanks to its dedication to providing the highest quality sofas and excellent customer service, it’s no wonder the brand has achieved the highest ratings. That said, the brand earned nearly 10,000 top-rated reviews online.

Lastly, the brand also partners with ecology. They plant a tree for every order made. The goal is to offset the manufacturing process and materials used when creating the brand’s products.

What's On Sofa Club Review

Looking attractive is how Sofa Club is out in the crowd. Whether in premium aesthetics or embedded in product design, the label brings it all out with a fashion statement. So, they always do it in style.

What's On Sofa Club Review
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Sofa Club Collections

Since discussing the entire product would take a very long time, we ended up focusing only on the brand’s best products to give you a detailed review. Just scrolling to the next section to start!

Sofa Club Bloomsbury Review

Introducing one of Sofa Club’s best-selling products, the Bloomsbury. Coming with an elegant minimalist design, this sofa is suitable as a contemporary addition to a minimalist interior or open-plan living space.

Sofa Club Bloomsbury Review
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The Bloomsbury is expertly handcrafted from durable and comfortable fabric. As a result, it offers a tailored look with intricate piping details on stylish square arms.

In addition to being designed with aesthetics, the company also designed this sofa for comfort. It has sizeable fiber-filled back cushions that perfectly balance comfort and support.

Likewise, the large ottoman footstool also adds seating options and provides storage options to complete your relaxing time comfortably.

Whether you want to make a statement in your living space or relax in style, the Bloomsbury range has you covered and is available at £1,299.00.

Sofa Club Savoy Review

The Club Savoy sofa is ergonomically designed with an adjustable cross-section. It allows you to create the perfect shape and size for your living space.

Sofa Club Savoy Review
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Whether relaxing alone or entertaining guests, this sofa will provide comfort. In addition, the clean colors transform your home into a soothing sanctuary, like giving an escape from the outside world.

Club Savoy Sofa Features

  • Sectional design with endless sofa options
  • Deep, cloud-like seating for ultimate comfort
  • Interconnecting crocodile clips on all parts
  • Hidden legs for on-trend low seating

So why wait? Enhance the ambiance of your home with Savoy and transform it into a relaxing haven! With attention to detail and versatility, this Savoy sofa is available for £500.00.

Sofa Club Price

After knowing the advantages and services provided by the brand, you will want to get your hands on your favorite sofa. If you are asking about the price, then this section is made to provide that information.

To make it easier to estimate the budget, let’s separate it by category:

  • Neutral Sofas
    The lowest – £199.00
    The highest – £3,399.00
  • Grey Sofas
    The lowest – £49.00
    The highest – £3,399.00
  • Corner Sofas
    The lowest – £699.00
    The highest – £2,799.00

The brand offers various discounts to help you save money. One of them is the 0% finance program, which allows you to easily get the sofa of your choice over a time that suits you.

Moreover, remember to sign up for your email for pre-access exclusives & special offers, get exclusive content, and be the first to know about the brand’s new product launch!

Sofa Club Pros & Cons

Before you jump to the next section, let’s take a look at the good sides you get from Sofa Club as well as the downsides you should know about.

Sofa Club Pros

  • Extensive sofa options
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Fast delivery
  • 0% Finance
  • 100-day returns
  • Providing an excellent service approach
  • Shopping centers across the UK

Sofa Club Cons

  • The price is somewhat expensive, although it is equivalent to the quality and service

Is Sofa Club Worth To Buy?

With 10 years of experience selling the best sofa collections, we support this brand and say that Sofa Club is worth your investment.

Is Sofa Club Worth To Buy?
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The brand can provide you with superior-quality sofa collections. Each of its products is made with meticulous attention to detail, from the smallest stitch to the largest cross-section.

Moreover, this brand doesn’t just stop selling sofas. They want products that fit the market’s needs by staying connected through a community network.

Also, the company offers a 0% finance program to make getting your favorite sofa on easier. In addition to fast delivery and excellent customer service, we strongly advise you to shop with this brand.

Sofa Club Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

The company surely delivers only high-quality products for you. Nevertheless, it seems that statement is not enough to convince you more.

Sofa Club Customer Reviews
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Hence, this section will show you customer feedback about this brand. So, here we show you some of the customer ratings we got through Trustpilot.

On the Trustpilot website, the brand has an average review rating of 4.2/5 stars reviews. Let’s start with the brand’s delivery service, which claims to offer quick delivery. This customer stated:

The delivery was quick, and the guys set it up quickly. I put on the sofa where I enjoyed it. I was very, very happy with the service as well as the quality of the sofa! It’s so comfortable and huge!

Furthermore, the customer complimented the brand’s excellent customer service. He said:

Great customer service from start to finish, I had to modify my delivery date 3 times due to delays in my new build, and each time was never a problem. Moreover, the delivery arrived on time, and the delivery men were very friendly.

Next, a customer gave a perfect rating on the service and delivery, and this customer is really happy about that. This customer wrote:

The delivery was on time, and they delivered & assembled the sofa efficiently. The quality of these sofas is amazing, and the price is unbeatable! Will definitely be recommending it to everyone!

From the customer feedback, we can conclude that what the customer said is the real thing about the service claimed by the brand. So, most of the customers are happy and satisfied to shop with this brand due to the excellent service, delivery, and quality of the products.

Sofa Club Customer Service

How To Contact Sofa Club

In case you have any product-related questions or want to get detailed information about the policies that the brand implements, feel free to contact the customer service team via:

Contacting customer service via the contact number is available on weekdays from 9 am – 5 pm. In addition, you can also connect with one of the brand’s sofa hosts via video call for a virtual walk around the brand’s sofa lounge.

Sofa Club Shipping Policy

Sofa Club Delivery

The brand offers fast and reliable delivery. You can find your order’s delivery date on the checkout page. In addition, the brand charges a delivery fee of £99 for all sofas and £49 for all footstools on mainland UK delivery.

Sofa Club Return & Refund Policy

You can buy a sofa confidently at Sofa Club UK because they offer a hassle-free 100-day return period. The 100-day period starts from your delivery date.

Returned items must be in fully resalable condition, including in original packaging, unmarked and undamaged, or similar.

Please complete the return request form, and customer service will advise you on how to return it. In addition, brands have specific conditions for non-returnable items. You can visit this page to find out.

Sofa Club Warranty

The brand is happy to inform you that they offer a lifetime guarantee against structural defects. In addition, all manufacturing faults (other than the frame) are covered by one year guarantee from the delivery date.

The brand has an online warranty team that will help you with any issues you may experience with your product. You can contact the team using a form on the brand’s official website.

To make a warranty claim, you must provide all relevant information related to the product, such as pictures & videos of the problem. The team will respond to all queries within 48 hours.

However, the lifetime warranty may not cover some items. You can visit this page to find out more.

Where To Buy Sofa Club

Have you decided which Sofa to choose? We strongly advise you to buy at the official online store to ensure you get all the benefits. There, the brand offers discounts and deals you can take advantage of to get the product at a price you can afford. Moreover, if you’re lucky, you’ll find discount codes there!


Explore Thoroughly On Sofa Club Reviews

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Sofa Club Review.

Where are sofa club sofas made?

All Sofa Club products are made at the brand’s manufacturer, headquartered in INTU, Lakeside Grays, Essex.

Does sofa club do sales?

Of course! The brand offers many discounts and sales that you can get just by visiting their official website. You can also sign up for pre-access exclusives & special offers. And remember to follow the brand’s social media to get the most up-to-date information, as the brand offers up to 50% OFF.

Does Sofa Club offer an NHS discount?

Unfortunately, the brand no longer offers NHS discounts. However, they now have an outlet page where they sell imperfect, display-used, or customer-returned items at a reduced price.

Is Sofa Club product available in Hertford?

Of course! Hertford is the headquarters and company’s house, logistics warehouse, and a new open-air showroom that is open to the public. It is located at 6 Centrus, Mead Lane, Hertford, SG13 7GX.

How do you clean a sofa club?

When you buy a sofa with a high price tag and an exclusive design, you want to take proper care of it. Luckily, Sofa Club provides the appropriate information on how to care for a sofa properly, and here they are:


Sofa Club has a good reputation as a renowned furniture brand that provides a collection of quality sofas with modern cuts and designs for any interior style of your home. Its products are customer favorites for their sturdy quality and timeless designs.

Providing excellent customer service, it is no wonder that this brand has garnered thousands of glowing customer reviews on its website. With a price tag of £3,399.00, this brand truly offers luxury sofas to all buyers.

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