Modular Closets Reviews

Who owns Modular Closets?

Bernard Warman and Mordy Basch founded Modular Closets in 2015. It is a furniture company offering sustainably manufactured cabinets made in the USA. In addition, it features high-quality materials with a Thermo-Foil Laminated Board.

Modular Closets Reviews
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When you trust this company, you can create your design to ensure the product suits your space. Further, you can utilize a free online design tool to fit the customization. But if you’re not skillful, using professional advice is also recommended. 

The company features are helpful because the customization will focus on your preferences. Whether you need a cabinet with a door or without, you may get what you want safely in front of your door at the most affordable price

One thing you can’t trust is the company has not yet been in the press. Yet, you may see its famous social media because it has gained many followers. For example, Instagram is filled with love 43.4K followers, and Facebook has 12K others! 

Then let’s dig deeper into the company if you want to know more about its costs and features. Here comes the most profound research from the Modular Closets review. Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Why Order at Modular Closets?

Trusting a company is easy. Yet, you must know what kind of plus points you will get from this closet company. To learn more, check the reasons in the following explanations! 

Why Order at Modular Closets?
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Here they are: 

Modular Closets Highlights 

  • Closet customization with DIY-friendly installation
  • Functional for clothes, kitchen stuff, even shoes 
  • Made of high-quality TFL material 
  • Long-lasting and durable 
  • Free design tool and helpful advice from the expert 
  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee 
  • Ships domestically 
  • Receives good feedback from customers 

What's On Modular Closets

You’ll find many closet options at this company. Yet, aren’t you curious about which one this company sells to the customers? Keep reading to find the answer!

What's On Modular Closets
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Here are the available categories from Modular Closets

Vista Collection Closets Closet Accessories
Pre-Designed Closet Kits DIY Tools 
Vista Closet Parts  Garage Storage Cabinets 

Further, this review will only focus on the 4 all-rounders below: 

Before preceding any issues, let’s delve into the discussion! 

Modular Closets Vista Double Hanging Reviews

Say hi to the first collection of Vista, the Vista Double Hanging. It is available in 13 sizes, from 18 inches to 36 inches. In addition, you can choose the shades from white, grey, and oak. 

Modular Closets Vista Double Hanging Reviews
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This multi-hanging cabinet can hold up to 200 lbs weight. Moreover, it is made of high-quality TFL with DIY-friendly installation.

This 46 x 18 x 14 inches dimension item allows you to hang short garments like skirts and shorts. Therefore, say no more to the untidy clothes inside your room! 

Modular Closets Vista 2 Drawer Shelf Tower Reviews

This wall-mounted Vista 2 Drawer Shelf Tower is 71.25 x 19.6 x 14 inches in dimensions. Made of TFL material, the cabinet allows you to tidy up your bags and clothes effectively. 

Modular Closets Vista 2 Drawer Shelf Tower Reviews
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In addition, it is available in 3 shades with 2 drawer styles and 3 sizes. You may use it thoroughly because it offers 5 shelves and 2 drawers. 

Furthermore, this versatile drawer is easy to install. Thus, you can use your energy and give effort to hang the product and save up to 350 lbs. 

Modular Closets Vista Shelf Closet Tower Reviews

Some of you may want to show off your belongings without losing their charms. If you do, purchasing this 6-shelves Vista Shelf Closet Tower is the best option! 

Modular Closets Vista Shelf Closet Tower Reviews
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It is available in 3 shades and is 71.25 x 18 x 14 inches in dimensions. Furthermore, you can choose your desired size from 18 to 31.5 inches wide. 

Since it is made of TFL material, the product can hold up to 350 lbs. So, are you ready to display your belongings with this easy-to-install cabinet? 

Modular Closets Vista 4 Drawer Short Tower Reviews

Who says cabinets with doors are inadequate for your house? Instead, this Vista 4 Drawer Short Tower allows you to keep your belongings safely without getting dirt

Modular Closets Vista 4 Drawer Short Tower Reviews
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This drawer features 3 shades, 2 styles, and 3 widths. It is the best option for your pantry, kitchen, or bathroom! Further, it is compact, with dimensions 36 x 19.5 x 14 inches. 

This wall-mounted drawer is also easy to install and can hold up weight up to 200 lbs. As a result, you may tidy up your stuff in this TFL-made and easy-to-install drawer. 

Modular Closets vs Ikea Pax

If you have ever wondered or are confused about choosing between IKEA and this company, the comparison below may help. Then, take a look closer! 

Modular Closets Ikea Pax
  • Easy installation and DIY-friendly
  • Available in white, grey, and oak 
  • Limitless frame, fit to your space
  • Free design tool online 
  • Better to use the expert hand rather than self-installation 
  • Available in white, black, and light oak
  • Limited frames, which are not custom-fit 
  • Design service may be paid 

Modular Closets Installation

As discussed, the company manufactures easy-to-install and DIY-friendly systems. You only need a drill, a level, and a stud finder to complete the process. Further, you can watch the tutorial videos to be inspired before the installation begins. 

If you still find the process difficult, please contact the team via email at They will recommend you to the nearest partner or contractor in your area. 

Modular Closets Pricing

How much do Modular Closets cost?

Can you guess how much are Modular Closets? The following table will answer your curiosity. Below, you can see the budget you should have before placing an order. 

Product Price
Vista Double Hanging Starts from $169.99
Vista 2 Drawer Shelf Tower Starts from $519.99
Vista Shelf Closet Tower Starts from $299.99
Vista 4 Drawer Short Tower Starts from $529.99

Modular Closets Promotions 

  • Subscribe to the official website for special discounts 
  • Save up to $500 off your closet on Back to School event 
  • Free shipping for orders over $1000
  • etc. 

Modular Closets Pros and Cons

Discussing the brand round and round is not fun. Instead, let’s see what it offers as pros and cons below!


  • Customization closets based on your preference and needs
  • Promotes easy installation 
  • Provides free design tool 
  • Has different programs for professional designers 
  • Available in 3 shades, it suits all designs 
  • Offers lifetime warranty 
  • Ships to the US regions 
  • Free shipping for orders over $1000  
  • 30-day return policy 


  • US orders less than $1000 needs a 10% shipping cost 
  • No shipping outside the US contiguous regions 
  • Return products are charged with 20% restocking fee 

Modular Closets Customer Reviews

Not only is the company famous for DIY-friendly closets, but it also receives many good customer feedback. Quoted from Trustpilot, Modular Closets obtained a 4.7/5 rating from 2.7K testimonials. 

Modular Closets Customer Reviews
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What do they say? Below is one of the satisfied customer reviews: 

Helpful customer support. The closet pieces are fit together like a puzzle. The installation process was straightforward. It looks so professional and feels so sturdy.

This customer is delicate because her purchase comes so sturdy. In addition, she can install it with ease because the pieces fit like a puzzle. 

Another customer said: 

It is incredible product and incredible customer service! … The closet is so beautiful, strong material, and the installation is simple and easy! I love my new closet!

This customer loves the new cabinet because it is made of durable material and has a well-made design. Furthermore, she does not need a long time to finish the installation! 

Meanwhile, the last one said: 

Great assistance from start to finish. The instructions and packaging were done right, making it so simple to put together. Great overall product at an affordable price! Definitely recommend!

This customer can’t stop recommending the products because of its easy instructions and reasonable price. Moreover, the instruction is simple! 

In short, the company proves its reputation with high ratings from customers. It is proven by the satisfied testimonials from customers who also recommend the items to others. 

Is Modular Closets Worth It?

Purchasing a customized drawer is much better because you can fit it into your space. Indeed, Modular Closets is worth buying due to its well-made designs and functional features. 

Is Modular Closets Worth It?
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Furthermore, you don’t need to check it on Reddit anymore. Instead, create the design you prefer, check it with your house capacity, and place an order now! 

Modular Closets Near Me

We bet you’re now considering where to place this DIY-friendly cabinet. If you have decided on your mind, please visit the official website and start ordering the Vista Collection. 

It is the only place because the company only sells the products there. Don’t forget to utilize the free design tool to create your desired shape. So, what belongings will you place on this minimalist furniture

Modular Closets Customer Service

Not all of you are capable of designing shelves or drawers. If you face this problem, please relinquish your dignity and contact customer service immediately. Below are the contacts: 

The team is also online during business hours on the Live Chat. Therefore, if you need a faster response, don’t hesitate to contact them through this method. 


Modular Closets will be the only option that allows you to tidy up your belongings safely. The company has many options to create cabinets that fit your space. 

In addition, you can enjoy a free shipping perk if you order over $1000! So, ask for assistance from professional designers and design your preferred style now! 

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